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 Natural headache remedies 🌿🍃

Headache, which is frequently encountered as a health problem, affects people's daily lives. Headache, which differs according to its types, may last for a few hours or a few days. Those who want to relieve headaches in certain areas such as the back of the head without medication are looking for herbal solutions at home. It is possible to solve extremely severe pain with natural methods that can be done at home. Migraine, pregnancy stress, high blood pressure can cause headaches. However, if the headache does not go away and is accompanied by some different symptoms, the nearest health institution should be consulted immediately. What is good for a constant severe and throbbing headache? If you say so, you can reach the details from our content.

Severe headache, which negatively affects people's daily life, is one of the most common health problems in society. The pains that occur in certain parts of the head differ according to their types. Headaches that occur due to many reasons sometimes require emergency intervention, and sometimes they can go away on their own without medication. It may be possible to relieve pain, which negatively affects the quality of life of a person, with herbal solutions at home. However, if severe headache is accompanied by symptoms such as fainting, high fever, numbness in some parts of your body, nausea or vomiting, the nearest health institution should be consulted. Headaches have become almost a part of our daily life. The painkillers we use all the time will not be a good treatment for headaches. Overuse of painkillers for headache does not bring long-term solutions. Headache problem occurs for many reasons. If you are facing frequent headache problems, you may be causing headaches by experiencing at least one of the reasons given below.

What are the Causes of Headache?

 - migraine 

- Intense stress 

- low blood sugar

 - sleep deprivation

 - dehydration 

- Stress

 - low blood sugar

 - panic attacks

 - Problems with blood vessels in or around the brain, stroke

 - teeth grinding at night

 - Infections such as meningitis

 - Too high or too low intracranial pressure

 - Glioma 

 - Traumatic brain injury

 - flu - Medication overuse headache, blood clots

 - Carbon monoxide poisoning 

- Concussion 

- Drying

 - glaucoma 

- High level of anxiety

 - Depression / Pessimism

 - Sleeping disorders

 - Obesity 

- Snoring

 - Excessive caffeine consumption

 - Excessive use of pain medication 

- Other conditions that may cause chronic pain 

Conditions such as breaking from the normal daily routine are among the most important factors that cause headaches

The best feature of these natural methods is that besides being effective, they do not cause side effects.

 What is good for headaches? 

1- Fighting headaches with water Another important symptom of thirst is a headache. 

2- Apple cider vinegar

 Materials: - 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of hot water. 

3- Lemon juice method

Materials: - Half a lemon - 1 glass of hot water . 

 4- Ice bag method Individual preferences may vary, but migraine patients generally prefer cold application. On the other hand, if the headache manifests itself with stress or a cold, you can also prefer hot applications. While a cold compress is applied to the forehead and temple area, a hot compress should be applied to the back of the shoulder to get rid of the headache quickly. You can repeat the application for it to be effective.

5- Coffee and tea method Coffee and tea can also be used to relieve headaches

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