Spects vs lens | Spects | Best lens and best spects

 Sunglasses|Spects vs lens | Spects | Best lens and best spects 

In order to choose the sunglasses that are on the podium of the best, we must address a series of technical and aesthetic aspects. Each pair of glasses can be the best depending on their use, design or price segment.

To protect our eyes from radiations , heat , wind , infection etc .. it's is mandatory to use best and safe spects and lenses

Spects protect our eyes from harmful radiations and uv light rays  .
Spects should be fog proof , scratch proof and water repellent, when we drive bike we should wear spectacle or sunglasses 

The best brands of sunglasses

We will start by making a selection of the best sunglasses according to the brand. In this list we will take into account a series of technical and aesthetic criteria.

According to the drawings:

Tom Ford
Carolina Herrera
Dolce & Gabbana
This selection stands out for the designs of all the brands, although if we talk about followers, Chanel is above the rest. Each year the brand offers sunglasses that mark trends in the fashion sector. Chloé and Fendi bet heavily on innovative and unusual designs, if you prefer bold eyewear, her brands are perfect. Then come classic brands such as Ray Ban or Persol, which have a long track record of success.

Among these brands, we can distinguish on the basis of price; some are considered luxury glasses, and others are more affordable.

According to the technical specifications:

In this group, the glasses are remarkable for the quality of their lenses or frame materials. For example, glasses from the Serengeti brand are characterized by the quality of their lenses and their ergonomic designs. All of the brand's lenses are polarized and photochromic, ideal for driving and everyday use. Among the sports sunglasses shine Oakley and Adidas. The two brands stand out for the quality of the materials in their sunglasses, and most models have specific lenses depending on the type of sport.

Bollé and Julbo sunglasses stand out in the mountain sports group. Many models of glasses have photochromic or category 4 lenses, ideal for high mountains.

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