Pornography addiction is there hope ? ways to stop porn addiction !

 Pornography addiction is there hope ? ways to stop porn addiction


Pornography addiction is there hope ? ways to stop porn addiction !

How to quit porn?

Often, a porn addiction fills a void , reduces anxieties , fights against discomfort , etc.

So, the more we reduce these “voids” or these sources of discomfort, by reducing our fears or anxieties as much as possible, the more likely we will be to reduce our porn consumption as well.

Moreover, it is not uncommon to see depressive symptoms in people addicted to porn ; it is often by treating these depressive symptoms that one then improves the general state of health.

Then, plan activities so that you don't stay idle, and detach yourself from masturbation or watching porn. For example, practice a sports activity; to see friends ; take care; artistic activity; reading ; etc

You can also have recourse to protection or security prohibiting you from accessing pornographic sites at home or at work, change your smartphone... There are many solutions.

And lately, in the event of a relapse, the main thing is not to blame yourself: relapses are normal, so you shouldn't feel guilty. It is these relapses that will make you progress, understand your mechanisms, your states of mind, etc.

Also remember that you can get help from an online sex therapist.
 Without wanting to prosecute porn, consuming a lot of it could lead to terrible personal and sexual repercussions. A sexologist explains to us what is at stake behind a porn addiction and the solutions to get out of it. Testimony of a porn addict
Damien, porn lover, explains to us how his porn consumption caused him a sexual burn-out .

squats and wiggles over a light-skinned man on my computer screen. Her thong hides nothing at all. I move my chair back and lower the elastic of my shorts a notch. The camera now frames her prominent buttocks. Naomie siliconed them. If I happen to have three ejaculations in one night while zapping Youporn, it's very rare in a real situation. My sensory receptors would no longer be receptive to reality by dint of being solicited, according to my shrink.

I should drop out of porn , go on vacation with Eva, my girlfriend for six months. When she comes to see me with a huge desire, I'm often in sexual burnout. At such times, I feel unable to provide cunnilingus or penetration, so I claim a job that took my head, a dinner too drunk the day before. If Eva corners me, I sweat at the thought of disbanding. It happened the last time we made love. I must have thought of Naomie. Shame seized me when I ejaculated on the sheet without having had time to penetrate Eva. I told him, “I don't know what's happening to me.

A behavioral addiction

As our expert explains, all addictions set up the same patterns. " Pornaddiction" or "porndependence" is part of a broader framework of behavioral addictions, to be differentiated from addictions linked to a substance or to various drugs. However, the reward system of the brain is almost the same as in the case of narcotics consumption: there is a discharge of neurotransmitters leading to a kind of equivalence of "shoot", especially in the orgasmic phase.

This generates :

an invasion of the psychic sphere : 

the mind is occupied with the fact of renewing this type of sensation, of hiding this addiction from those around him, of increasing the doses in order to be able to feel the effects, etc. 

a phenomenon of one-upmanship : 

one seeks to generate ever greater excitement by increasing the exposure, or by varying the scenographies, sometimes leading the subject towards an increasingly extreme or increasingly deviant form of sexuality, which sometimes moves away from his real sexuality, even his sexual orientation.

a feeling of lack :

 this habituation leads the subject to persevere in this behavior despite the knowledge of the negative consequences on his personal, social, even professional life.

Different types of sex addiction

If all addictions have a common core, sex addiction has its specificities. We can observe different forms of clinical presentations: compulsive masturbation , addiction to sexual encounter, compulsive exposure to X sites, frenetic consultation of telephone services, newspaper classifieds, sexting, x photos, social networks, webcams, regular attendance at sex shops, peep shows, escorts, lap-dance bars, etc.

A relatively masculine problem

According to a recent Ifop 2019 survey, one in two women (47%) admits having already been on an X site. A proportion ten times higher than that noted in 2006 (4%). However, “this type of sexual addiction is most often common among men. In the specific and minority case of women with this type of addiction, other more serious psychological problems are often at work. »

How to distinguish pathological use from recreational use?

This type of behavior becomes pathological only in the event of overconsumption : "It is, of course, to be distinguished from occasional or recreational use of pornography, which may be motivated by curiosity to explore different facets of sexuality or a quest for occasional autoerotic pleasure. The fact of watching pornography, alone or as a couple, to stimulate or arouse desire or to develop a particular fantasy does not represent an addiction.

Pornography addiction is there hope ? ways to stop porn addiction !

Porn addiction: what consequences?

Addiction to pornography distances others and can lead to significant personal problems. “The ready-to-fantasy of the porn industry will not replace the personal erotic imagination and the singularity of one's own fantasies which remain the main drivers of desire and libido in human sexuality. 

Ultimately, the consequences are unfortunate both psychologically (isolation or social withdrawal, altered self-esteem, irritability, withdrawal syndrome, anxiety, atony, etc.) and sexually (altered perception of sexuality , dissociation between virtual and real sexuality, loss of libido in the couple, various sexual dysfunctions, etc.

What are the solutions when you are addicted to porn?

Fortunately and as often: outcomes are possible.

Ideally, someone trained in both psychology or psychiatry and sexology. It will be a question of evaluating above all the severity of the addiction, the various environmental, psychological and sexual factors which could trigger this addiction; the added factors or possible polyaddictions (behavioural, drugs...), the social, professional, couple repercussions..."
The help of a relative or spouse, if there is one, can be an important asset to get out of this addiction more quickly, especially when there are strong repercussions on the couple.

Debasement, erectile and/or ejaculatory problems, exclusion and dissatisfaction of women… The list of harmful effects of pornography addiction is very long. So please, if you like sex and want it to last… lock Youporn!

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