Cat eye lashes | Fox eye lashes

 How to get perfect cat eye lashes | Cat eye lashes advantages and disadvantages

Cat eye lashes | Fox eye lashes


Eyelash extensions are the most popular beautification method worldwide. For a stylist it is very important to know that . There are variety of eyelash extension techniques which will meet the needs of every client . If you want to be the best eyelash stylist in your area, then you must know how to apply the eye-lash extension style. Here you will know everything about cat eye lashes. 


The eyelash extension is very complex and not many stylists can do it. The outer corner area of the eye is extended and a round shape gets generated. The extensions will increase with the outer corner area of the eye. The length will gets reduced again to the last sector of the outer corner. Shorter extensions are applied onto inner corner of the eye. "Cat eyes" create a perfect look in various bridal makeovers, Cat eye lashes are suitable for everyday wear but frequent use may create infection, since pores of oil glands will be blocked for longer duration. If you correctly and perfectly carry out the eyelash extension looks, you get a highly attractive shine of the eyes. The cat effect will not only lengthens the eyelashes, but it will also gives eyes a playful yet natural curve.
Cat eye lashes | Fox eye lashes


The style has now become very popular due to the fact that its look is more natural than many other looks (for example: squirrel eye, fox eye). The secret of perfect cat eyes eyelashes extension is the special arrangement of the Cateye extensions. Cat eye mapping for best lash extensions:

• Short eyelash extensions are much attached from the inner corner area of the eye to the middle area of the eyelid.

• Longer eyelash extensions are attached from the middle area of the eyelid to almost upto the outer corner. The length gets reduced again upto the last sector of its outer corner.

• The transition between lengths is smooth. The application of extension requires up to 7 different lengths.
Cat eye lashes | Fox eye lashes

Cat eye make-up is a tried and tested trend that is always popular with women and never goes out of style. The eyes are in the center of the face and are also one of the most expressive features . It is therefore very sexy as a woman to always put yourself in the right light and cat eyes make-up conjures up a wicked and exciting make-up on women's faces. Step by step, women can easily do cat eye make-up professionally at home and paint a really dangerous eye make-up on the eyelids. Here are the instructions for making your own: It doesn't matter whether it's dramatic and eye-catching for the party evening or subtle and memorable for everyday life.
Cat eye lashes | Fox eye lashes

The make-up instructions for cat eyes make-up

Dark eyeliner is characteristic of cat eye make-up, dramatic smokey eye make-up is very similar to cat eye make-up in effect and technique . With the cat eye make-up, however, the woman accentuates the eyes very dramatically with a dangerous sweep of eyeliner at the outer corners of the eyes and thus skillfully draws the attention of the viewer to the dangerous-looking eyes of the Catwoman. Cat eye make-up is not difficult at all.

STEP 1: Prepare the lid!

When applying make-up to cat eyes, women should first apply a light eye shadow so that a light and subtle shimmer can be seen on the entire upper lid. With a light eye shadow, women should then emphasize the area directly under the eyebrows. Under the lash line, a white eyeliner should now be drawn with a soft kajal to make up the cat's eyes, because that makes the eyes look bigger.

STEP 2: The dramatic eyeliner!

As the most important and most difficult part, the sweeping black eyeliner with the eyeliner comes into play. In order to be able to apply make-up for a cat's eyes in proper style, a woman must draw a thin line on the upper lash line. With this technique, it is important that you pull the line upwards at the outer edge of the eyelid. Sometimes it helps if a woman takes a small strip of scotch tape and masks the lower part of the eye with it at a slant. Then the eyeliner is done very easily and quickly and you have a clean and distinctive finish: true to the shape of a cat's eye. You can also use any eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner to create the desired "cat triangle" - depending on the intensity. But be careful with the very sensitive skin around the eyes.

STEP 3: The perfect finish!

Finish off by aplying black mascara and the Catwoman look is complete. The rest of the make-up is kept rather subtle with cat eye make-up. Matting cream make-up, some rouge and glossy lips are already enough make-up here. However, if you like it concise and conspicuous, you can give your face a certain hardness through contouring . However, cat eye make-up looks very elegant when a woman has an elegant updo or ties a trendy ponytail. The look becomes wicked with a wavy mane or sleek, open hai.

Cat eye lashes | Fox eye lashes

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