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Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost

 Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost 

Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost

Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost

A goatee, a 3 day beard, a full beard – they are all trendy. And not without reason: a full and thick beard gives the male face special expressiveness, masculinity and distinctive features. Unfortunately, there are many people who can not grow a thick beard. Genetic predisposition with sparse beard growth, scars or hair loss can lead to beard loss or beard hair loss.

Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost

But there is an effective, presided and gentle solution: a beard hair transplant. With a beard hair transplant, we have already been able to help many men to grow a full beard. Find out all the background information on the treatment, costs and more below.

Suitable for:  Men of all ages, congenital malformations of facial hair, hormonal loss of facial hair, burns, scarring alopecia, alopecia areata


Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost


DurationDepending on the desired number of grafts, one or more treatments of a few hours

Wound healing about 1 – 2 weeks

Up to a year from treatment to final result

StunLocal anesthesia

CostsDepending on the number of transplants/grafts including a comprehensive analysis and advice: €500 to €9000 or 1000$ to 9000+ $

Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost

For whom is a beard hair transplant useful?

Causes and reasons for beard transplant

A full and thick dark beard looks masculine, appealing and gives the wearer self-confidence. It is therefore mostly aesthetic reasons that give rise to the desire for a perfect beard hair transplant. These include:

Congenital, genetic malformation : No beard growth or beard growth that is leaky with gaps or bald spots

Hormonal Loss : Beard hair falls out and beard becomes patchy or sparse

Alopecia Alopecia : Sudden hairless round or diffuse areas caused by autoimmune disease. The hairless herds usually appear in the transition between the chin line or jaw line and the neck (Jawline).

Scarring alopecia : Sudden, more or less scarred, hairless areas on the face caused by an autoimmune disease

Use of medications such as finasteride to treat androgenetic hair loss of the scalp

scars from accidents

Cleft lip and palate

Transgender : trans men

Healthy hair usually grows back. However, if a hair follicle is destroyed due to some reason then , hairs will no longer grow there. The only way to get long-lasting beard growth back in a bald spot is to transplant healthy hair roots to fill in that spot.

Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost

Reasons for beard hair loss & bald spots

Gaps in the beard:

They are mostly hereditary . Here the genetic malformation of hair follicles may be present, which makes the beard appear incomplete. This is the most common reason for appearance of gaps in the beard for 4 out of 5 men.

Circular or sphere hair loss on the beard, also known as alopecia barbae, is widespread. The background is an autoimmune reaction due to which the hair follicles are attacked by their own immune system. In the result an inflammatory reaction, disturbed hair growth and hair loss. In this type of the disease, the hair follicles are in a dormant mode and are not irreversible and cannot regrow 

But there may be special cases that do not always fit into a frame . Therefore, a comprehensive anamnesis (examination of the medical history, history, blood count of the patient.) is required to find the cause.


Of course, an accident may also lead to hair loss in the patients . Due to various injury skin tissue and the correspondingly destroyed hair follicles, there is no growth of beard hairs at the site of enjury.

In addition to round or circular hair loss (alopecia areata), congenital alopecia and systemic diseases, stress , malnutrition , medication and testosterone deficiency are also possible reasons of beard hair loss.

Beard transplant before and after | beard transplant cost

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