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One sided friendship | one side friendship

 One sided friendship quotes

What is one side friendship ??

In a friendship if only one person
Is making efforts and taking action
Or only one friend is expressing love
And giving gifts and the other have 
No feelings and interest in friendship

Keeping enemy is better than one sided friendship

One sided friendship is more dangerous
Than having enemies .

Efforts from both sides
Is necessary in friendship

True friendship means efforts
From both the sides .


This type of friendship is very toxic
Please fix the issues and problems
In friendship or leave that friend as
Soon as possible .

This type of friendship can only 
creates Depression and anxiety and
 not  Happiness .

Don't ever expect anything from 
Anyone and you will be happy in
Your life , because if you expected
something from your friend and 
He didn't do anything like you 
Expected then you will be unhappy

For a healthy life and happy life
Keep your friendship healthy firstly
Friendship can be of two types 
1) the one who can make your day
2) the one who can ruin your day  

Choosing everything for your life
And for your living is easy , but 
Choosing good friends is more 
Difficult now a days 

My personal request :

My dear bro and sis please be happy
We have only one life to live and let
Other live the way they want to live 
Enjoy every moment of your life bro 
Every day every hour every minute
And every second you are living is 
Very precious .

God has given us this good and happy
Life  , how can we ruin and destroy it 
For someone who really don't care about
Us ?? 

•|  So be happy and enjoy your life |•

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