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Ramadan shayari and quotes 2022 | ramzan whatsapp status in hindi 2022

 Ramadan shayari and quotes 

Ramadan whatsapp status shayari and quotes in hindi and english 2022

Ramadan shayari and quotes 2022

Laylatul qadr 2022

Laylatul Qadr:

Ramadan shayari and quotes 2022


Allah inspires us toward this month

 of introspection as a means of

 helping us identify and break

 the habits that move

 us away from the love of God.

Ramadan shayari status 2022


"Fasting does not mean 

keeping away from only food and drink,

 it also means keeping away 

from lying, falsehood, inanity 

and swearing [by Allah without need]."

'Umar (RA) | Ibn Abi Al-Shaybah, Al-Musannaf articles 8975

Ramadan whatsapp status 2022

Ramadan doesn't come

 to change our schedules. 

It comes to change our hearts.

New Islamic whatsapp status

سبحان الله

Allah will open a door 

that you desperately thought

 never even had a key ! 

Ramadan shayari and quotes in Hindi 2022

ईद आई तुम न आए क्या मज़ा है ईद का... 

ईद तो नाम ही है इक दूसरे की दीद का...

Ramadan shayari and quotes in Hinglish 2022

Eid ka din hai Bahut yaad hai aayi teri 

Aaj a jayo khuda ke liye Humare liye na sahi .!

Ramadan shayari and quotes in English 2022

Imagine being burried in your grave, 

and hearing the footsteps of your 

family and friends walk away; 

How terrified would you be?

 leaving you all alone.. 

just you and your deeds in a dark grave. 

Prepare yourself before it's too late.

 Death is inevitable, 

we have no idea when 

our time is written and 

when our first night in the grave will be. 

So how much longer are we going 

to keep making excuses for our sins?

 "I'll do better tomorrow", 

how can we be so sure that

 there will even be a tomorrow 

when Allah swt can

 take our souls whenever He wills? 

Your salah, your akhlaq, 

your fasts, your zakat, and your good deeds

 will be a barrier from the

 punishment of the grave. 

keep your deeds righteous and 

remember Allah swt in everything you do

 so that you will not feel 

ashamed when facing Him.

 May Allah forgive us all, 

and take our souls when 

He is most pleased with us... 

Ramadan shayari and quotes in English 2022

When Prophet Musa was stuck between

 the sea and the Pharaoh's army. Allah did not

 remove the Red Sea. He split it & made a way 

through. Prophet Musa didn't know that Allah was 

going to split the Red Sea for him. He just

 knew that Allah wasn't going to abandon him.

The hardship that you are facing right

 now may not be removed, but trust that 

Allah will make a way to get you through it. 

Trust Him even when you don't know His plan.

 "Whoever fears Allah, Allah will find 

a way out for him (from every difficulty) 

and He will provide for him from 

sources that he could never have imagined." 

Ramadan shayari and quotes in English 2022

Comparing your accomplishments to those 

of others can be very harmful 

to your mental health. Keep in mind 

that another person's success does not

 negate your own. Run your own race

 at your own pace; regardless of your age,

 everyone is on their own path. 

Keep pushing forward and be proud 

of yourself for all of your efforts 

and hard work. Allah has a plan for you.

 A plan that is far more greater than 

you can imagine. Stop stressing and worrying, 

you are not running out of time. Put your faith in Allah. 

Ramadan shayari and quotes in English 2022

Healing takes time, it isn't linear. 

Be patient with yourself. Sometimes, 

we have to go through the most 

difficult trials, to grow as a person. 

It can be so traumatic and heartbreaking, 

but in the hindsight, you'll be grateful 

for the lessons you learned. Still, 

sometimes you might not understand

 why you had to go through that, 

but with time, Allah will reveal to you why. 

Turn to Allah and you will find 

His Mercy heal every aching part

 of your heart. Seek your strength from Him. 

Only He can fully understand what 

you are going through. Only he can heal you. 

As difficult as it gets, do not give up. 

I promise you, Allah will fill your heart 

with peace and happiness you never imagined.

Ramadan shayari and quotes in English 2022

"This world is the dwelling of pain and hardship,

 and whatever rests here is doomed to mortality. 

Allah had informed us of this world's workings 

to learn our lessons from it. He has warned us 

beforehand so that no excuse will remain at the end for us. 

Therefore, be pious in dealing with what is temporal

 (this world) and seek what is eternal (the afterlife)." 

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